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When I moved to Italy, there was so many challenges that came with relocating to a new country with a toddler and then, having just given birth, my world was at a standstill. I kept on focusing on what I left behind and not what I will have. I was stuck, my faith was stagnant and I remembered being just so alone during my first couple of months there. I can't remember exactly but I attended one of your Saturday morning classes at your invitation and it blew my circumstances wide open!!!!! Things I was afraid to let out for years, just released because you were so open to share about your life and struggles. With that release, my faith was reignited!!!!! I left Italy a stronger Christian because of what your workshops, retreats, prayer breakfast and meetings brought. There was always such a strong sense of sisterhood and bonding that took place at your ministry events that women can't help but want to share and be delivered from what has been holding them hostage. I've seen first hand women attend and receive their deliverance. They walk out changed! I know it is true because it happened to me! I see now that is was truly a season of prepping for me because God has work for me to do in San Diego!

This popped in my mind so I just wanted to share how I was so afraid to pray out loud. One time, you had all of us in a prayer circle and I was so stressed, my palms got sweaty and I got dizzy waiting for my turn to come around but I got through it horribly and stammering! That experience taught me that I had work to do in that area and I have been ever since that day!!!!! Now, I am not afraid anymore, haven't been for while. You can't stop my mouth from praising and praying out LOUD! Anywhere, ANYTIME!  Never thought I would ever get there, but God knew better! He let me have that moment with you in that circle, those years ago! I thank God for you and your work in his kingdom!  

Be blessed Sis!
Love you,

San Diego California

What can I say about my dear sister Minister Felicia Stevenson and her God given ministry. I have known Felicia for over 20 years.  I met her when I was a teenage girl, and I am thankful to have stayed connected to such an Amazing woman of God.  I remember when Felicia was in the process of birthing Waiting to Exhale Ministries.  Although, I am not even sure if she even knew what God was doing at that time.  I remember the bible teachings she use to host at her house weekly and how the presence and power of God was so thick.  God used her in such a mighty way to pray and speak prophetically.  I have watched how God has taken her and her ministry all over the world to empower woman to live a non-negotiable life in Him.  Every event is done in pure excellence.  This ministry is focused on God’s mission and every leader Felicia has appointed in specific areas has taken the torch in carrying out her vision.  Felicia’s passion for serving women is immeasurable and I know that God is preparing her and her ministry to go in different dimensions in Him.  I am honored to be connected with a woman and ministry who have a heart like God – who is not focused on numbers but on souls be won to Christ.  Felicia is a stellar example of a woman who is not only called to ministry but who is equipped and empowered to help change the lives of women all across the world.  

Montreal “Treal” Ravenel,

Detour Movement Inc.

Charleston S.C.

Mrs. Felicia, you are a wonderful, strong and encouraging woman.  You've made an impact on my life in so many ways. Just a simple conversation with you gave me the strength I needed to get through the toughest times in my life. Your spirit & the vibe I get from being around you is in-explainable. I wake up each morning and look forward to your early morning words for the day. It motivates me to keep me going. My life is not at all simple but I push through each day. You are amazing and I'm so glad that your apart of my life. 

Andrela Frazier

Beaufort S.C.