Mentalita Life Coaching

Felicia Stevenson - Certified Life Coach


Mentalita is Italian for "mindset" I believe if we change our mindset, the way we think, our lives and current situations will change. We must change the way we see and think about life and our situations. It starts in the mind. Positive thinking produces positive results.


Felicia offers Coaching sessions via conference call. 

1-hour sessions are $100

Her goal is to help individuals develop the strategy, inspiration and accountability desired to triumph in every area of their life.


Felicia Stevenson: Certified Life Coach, Minister, Motivational Speaker, and Counselor, just a few of many titles that she embraces, enjoys making a difference in the community as well as in the Kingdom of God!

Felicia specializes in Personal, Spiritual and Relationship Coaching. She is dedicated to encouraging and empowering communities and to help others overcome adversity and live a happy, healthy life.

As Founder and CEO of Mentalita Life Coaching, Felicia believes, if we change our mindset, the way we think, our lives and current situations will change. One of her favorite quotes: Positive thinking produces positive results.

A graduate of Herzing University; Felicia holds an Associate’s Degree in Science; she’s also a graduate of Lancaster Bible College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, Currently a student at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, she has completed her Master’s Degree in Leadership and a Master’s in Family and Marriage Counseling. Her 3rd Master’s degree which is in Mental Health will be completed in 2021.

Felicia is also a publisher; her books include Broken Pieces, Broken Pieces (the extended version) Poetry from the Soul, Mended Pieces, After the Heart of God, Embedded in Sin and Emotions. Felicia has been married 28 years and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

One of Felicia’s greatest accomplishments but she gives God all the credit for, is preaching the gospel and counseling families while residing in Sigonella Italy!